Value drivers are the most important element in building your optimal growth story, and improving them can increase the value of your company. See how you rate by taking our Value Drivers Assessment below.
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JK Murphy Advisors Value Drivers Assessment

On a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, rate your company's value drivers.

How smart and motivated are the managers/leadership within your company? *

How focused is your company on a "real" strategic plan? *

How much is your company run like a business (not a lifestyle)? *

How dependent is your company on you? *

How big are your company's market share, growth rate and margins? *

Do you believe all revenue is created equal? *

How much recurring revenue do you have? *

How focused is your company on revenue and supplier concentrations? *

How much visibility on revenue/EBITDA does your business model generate? *

How much sustainable competitive advantage does your product/service yield? *

Does your growth story create scalable operating leverage? *

How much of your revenue is under signed contract? *

How much pricing power do you have in your chosen distribution channel(s)? *

How current and helpful are your IT and management information systems? *

How credible are your books/historical numbers/financial controls? *

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What is your current annual revenue and EBITDA?

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